Our Strategy

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We Didn't Invent the Technology. We Made it Work For You.

Enterprises have wanted a practical method for satellite tracking and monitoring of their important assets for a long time. But up until now the tracking and monitoring services introduced by other companies just didn't fill the bill.

These existing systems are designed around elaborate, expensive infrastructures that required huge initial investments, high operating costs, large amounts of bandwidth and expensive gateways.  They proved to be too complex and too expensive to make satellite asset tracking and monitoring services viable for the enterprises that needed them the most.

So at Aprize Satellite, we developed an entirely new method for tracking and monitoring earthly assets by satellite and 'intelligent' user equipment. It's a method that is so practical and effective that it not only fulfills your need to track and monitor your assets anywhere on the planet - it also practically pays for itself once you place it in service.

That's what we mean when we say, "Global. Simple. Affordable."