Years in Development, Now Ready to Serve You.

The AprizeStar Satellite Data System is comprised of four operational segments:

  • A Space Segment consisting of small, inexpensive little LEO (low-Earth orbit) satellites
  • A Launch Segment that gets these satellites into orbit in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible today
  • A Control Segment that is made up of a Network Operations Center (NOC) that controls the global satellite network; a Regional Satellite Nodes (RSN) that send commands to the satellites and receive user data from the satellites and; a Data Center (DC) that collects, organizes, stores and distributes user data to customers
  • A User Segment that is comprised of small electronic devices that transmit and receive short messages to and from Aprize satellites


How Our System Works.

To use our system, you simply contract with us or one of our resellers to provide status and tracking information services for your specific application. We will then provide you with the user equipment that is installed at a fixed site or on a vehicle or cargo container.

The User Terminal generates a short data message including location information from a GPS receiver and any other required data from a variety of sensors. From there, the message is transmitted to a satellite in response to a polling request from that satellite. The satellite stores your data in its computer memory until it downloads the data to the nearest RSN.

The RSN then transmits the data to the Data Center via the Internet. The information is processed at the Data Center using a combination of custom and commercial software. After processing by the Data Center, the information is either transmitted to your User Terminal via the satellite communications network, transferred to other locations via the Internet, or stored in the Data Center where you may easily gain access to it.